SportsEngine Registration: Ohio Prospects League

2023 Ohio Prospects League Player Contract 18U Thru 13U



PLEASE NOTE: Do Not use a CELL PHONE or the SPORTSENGINE APP to Fill-Out This Form. You MUST use a Computer to Fill-Out This Form !!!

If you are 17 years of age or younger, completing this form will result in you not being placed on the team roster which will not allow you to play in Ohio Prospects League games. A parent / guardian or player 18 years of age must login with their account email to complete the player contract. The league will not accept any player contracts filled out by coaches, managers, or team administrators. According to League Rules a player is only allowed to be on one OPLeague team roster in any age group.

Please Follow The Instructions Below On How To Properly Fill-Out The Player Contract

PLEASE NOTE: If a Player is 18 yrs old he can fill-out and Electronically Sign the Player Contract.  All other Player Contracts Must be filled-out by a Parent / Guardian

If you already have a current Sport Ngin account not related to this website, for this registration your Sport Ngin account needs to be under the parent name, not the player's name.  If you need to update your account to reflect this, please log in with your current account, click on your username at the top of the page, and go to "Account Settings" to make this change. Please remember you must select "A New Other" when you Log-In to the Form and then type-in your sons Name then go to the next page to continue completing the form.

Instructions to create a new Sport Ngin account:  Go to the League Forms Page to the Player Contract, click-on Register. the Parent/Guardian or if you 18 yrs old you Must create a Username and Password to log-in to the form, once you log-in to the form you Must click in the circle where it says "A New Other" then you Must type-In your sons name NOT YOUR NAME or if you are 18 yrs of age type in your name >>> then continue on with completing the form>>> when you get to the CONSENT PAGE of the Form the PARENT/GUARDIAN OR 18 YR OLD Clicks-on the Box at the Bottom of the form where it says ELECTRONIC SIGNATURE then type in YOUR Name and then click-on SUBMIT.

Player Commitment

Parents and Players--By submitting the player contract with proper signature, the player has committed to play for the team selected for the 2023 season.  The player cannot play for another team in the Ohio Prospects League without the coach/team manager of the original team releasing him from the player contract.

The player contract remains in effect until the final out of the Ohio Prospects League season.



The Ohio Prospects League Player Contract is for players who have been selected to play on a Ohio Prospects League Team, it will allow you to provide contact information, and sign consent for the Ohio Prospects League Player Contract. Please proceed through this registration, and review each question carefully.

*********ATTENTION ATTENTION*********

The Ohio Prospects League will only accept player contracts that are filled out and electronically signed by a parent or guardian-- 18 year old players may sign for themselves and do not need parental signature.  The league will not accept any player contracts filled out by coaches, managers, or team administrators.

To complete the Ohio Prospects League Player Contract form, a Parent/Guardian's Sport Ngin account needs to be under the parent's name - not the player's name.  PARENT / GUARDIAN must login with the Parent Name and Parent account email unless player is 18 years of age. Failure to follow to the above instructions will result in the player not being accepted on to the team roster!


Please direct questions to:

John Mengelkamp

League President

Phone: 440-725-9293

Dominic C. Gruttadauria

League Board Member

Phone: 440-942-3113